A script to add links to Wikidata on Twitter

This week, Egon Willighagen had the idea of a script to add a Wikidata icon on Twitter accounts that have a matching Wikidata item. I made it, to be able to:

Even if it’s still at an early stage, it’s usable, and looks like this:

You can hover over a Wikidata icon to display the Qid and click on it to go to the matching Wikidata item.


  1. Install Greasemonkey, Tampermonkey, or Violentmonkey add-on on your web browser (for example Mozilla Firefox, or any other that supports one of these add-ons).
  2. Install (or update) the script by clicking on this link: TwitterToWiki.user.js.
  3. Go to Twitter. A Wikidata icon will be added next to each Twitter username if there is a matching Wikidata item.


The script was tested only with Tampermonkey on Mozilla Firefox.

Please send me a tweet if you discover any issue.

Known bugs

Possible enhancements