Highlighting ranks in Wikidata and Wikibase

This tip is from MisterSynergy, shared by Tagishsimon, and should really be better known (or even a default Wikibase feature).

Ranking is an important feature on Wikibase and Wikidata. For instance, it impacts what is returned by the Query Service.

Each statement in Wikidata or Wikibase has a rank, among three values:

Unfortunately, ranks are hardly visible on Wikidata, only showed by some tiny and obscure icons.

A solution is to highlight statements with preferred and deprecated ranks, changing their background colors to respectively a soft green and a soft red, using a simple CSS customization. Here is an example of a statement with deprecated rank:

You only need to modify your common.css on Wikidata (on a Wikibase instance, it would be at MediaWiki:Common.css for every user or at Special:MyPage/common.css for you only) by adding these lines:

.wb-deprecated { /* deprecated claims with red-ish background */
    background-color: #FFE0E0;
.wb-preferred { /* preferred claims with green-ish background */
    background-color: #E0FFE0;

On Wikidata, you can then check the item Arkady Babchenko (Q671985) to see the new rendering, as this item has several statements at preferred and deprecated ranks.

EDIT: Wikimedia Deutschland is actively working to properly tackle the problem, with a lot of interesting and more accessible ideas (T206392). Hopefully, this trick will soon be no longer necessary!